House Cleaning

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House Cleaning

Coral cleaners are experienced and fully prepared to handle all tasks around your house and put you at ease while moving out. They know that little details matter and will make every effort to ensure that your space is superbly clean. Our cleaners will help you to deal with accumulated dirt, dust, and grime, not missing even a speck of dust. They will put in extra effort to clean high-traffic areas and most common used rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom.

In the kitchen, our cleaners will clean and polish the wall tiles and will eliminate accumulated limescale. They will wipe down and polish the sink area and countertops and will sanitise all skirting boards, doors, light switches, and sills. We will also remove grime from the hobs and extractors and will clean the washing machine, fridge, freezer, stove, and other kitchen appliances.

  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Furniture Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Door Cleaning

Landlords always check whether furnishings are dirty and unkempt. All furnishings must be vacuumed and cleaned with care, including the sofa, chairs, tables, and worktop surfaces. Our cleaners will wipe down all wooden parts and units and will vacuum underneath all furnishings. They will treat oil stains, remove marks and fingerprints, and polish all countertops and wooden tables. We will also clean all shelves, cupboards, and drawers and will wipe around and disinfect the handles.

Why to choose Coral Cleaners?

We work closely with many landlords and real estate agencies. We strive to monitor the entire cleaning process in every aspect. Our main priority is the high standard of cleaning. With our cleaners you will save your time, nerves and problems around your preference smooth move out/in. That is why Coral Cleaners must be your end of House cleaning choose. Because the most important thing to us is the end result. Whether you are a landlord who wants to buy, rent or sell a home or you are a tenant who wants to get your deposit back, we are what you need.

Other Services

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